Australian spiders, the MAFS premiere, nasty rich men and the land of TikTok!


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G'day Heathens! Episode 45 is here and Heath and Gretchen are in the middle of an Australian heatwave! Shout out to all of our North American friends buried in snow!
Join Heathen as we share a scary Australian Spider story from the week and delve into Neil Young hating Joe Rogan! We send a big shout out out to pregnant Rhi Rhi and provide an update on the scary Karen lurking in our neighbourhood!
Also this week, we touch base about Tik Tok and recently surrounding dramas; some political banter from AUS & NYC; and a big shout out to chicks marrying disgusting men for a bag! Plus we talk the premiere of this year's Aussie MAFS and new No Clapping laws!
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