Highway Diary w/ Eric Hollerbach Ep 365 - Coldtowne Theater Jabs Students


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The Coldtowne Theater has just reopened in Austin Texas, and my joy quickly turned to horror as their COVID-19 policy required all students (and teachers) to be vaccinated to attend class.

Obviously, whatever money came in to save the two-year-bankrupt-from pandemic required vaccinations to "avoid" another closure without understanding the trap of mediocrity and compliance they fell into. https://coldtownetheater.com/

The same thing just happened to the UCB theater. https://ucbcomedy.com/trainingcenter/covid-19/

America relies on subversive performers to keep the ruling class afraid of open corruption. These moves by paranoid oligarchs mandate MRNA altering jabs to performers could result in a generation of obedient, toothless, performers. Enabling a generation of beta-male technocrats to run over America's last remaining freedoms.



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