Hiraeth & Golau on the Summer of WalesCast


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We are joined by Catrin Glyn, co-host of Cardiff University's Golau Podcast and LLM Student Governance and Devolution to discuss the extraordinary series of long form interviews with prominent current and ex-politicians produced by the WalesCast team at BBC Wales. What did we learn from the four long-form interviews and what conclusions can we draw about what to expect from the big four parties in the Senedd term to come? You can find Catrin on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/catrin_glyn Golau Podcast here: https://twitter.com/golau_podcast Matt here: https://twitter.com/hexter101 Richard here: https://twitter.com/mimosacymru and for all the latest Hiraeth pods, blogs and videos, follow Hiraeth here: https://twitter.com/HiraethBlog If you're enjoying the pod, please do leave us a review in your podcast app of choice.

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