#Senedd21 Policy Challenge: Education


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In this episode in our series of analysing the biggest policy portfolios ahead of the Senedd 2021 election, we tackle the education brief. After a particularly tough year for all education providers during the COVID pandemic, what awaits schools and their new curriculum when face to face teaching resumes full time? Will university funding continue to be a thorny issue for whoever fills the ministerial office vacated by Kirsty Williams? To discuss Matt and Ceri are joined by Martin Johnes (Professor of History at Swansea University), Belinda Loveluck Edwards (NASUWT) Dr Rachel Hughes (Glyndwr University) and Rajvi Glasbrook Griffiths (Acting Headteacher, High Cross Primary). You can find our guests on Twitter: Martin: https://twitter.com/martinjohnes Belinda: https://twitter.com/Bel4theVale Rachel: https://twitter.com/rachelgwenllian Rajvi: https://twitter.com/RGlasbrook And you can find us here: https://twitter.com/HiraethBlog If you're enjoying the Hiraeth pod, please like and subscribe in your podcast app of choice to receive our future shows automatically.

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