#Senedd21 Policy Challenge - Housing


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Continuing our series of pods looking at the big policy challenges facing the parties at the Senedd election, this week we turn to the increasingly fraught subject of housing. Are we building enough homes of the right quality in both private & social housing? What levers does Welsh Government have to improve the planning process and what - if anything - can it do about spiralling rent costs? To discuss we are joined by Dr Steff Evans (Policy and Research Officer at the Bevan Foundation), Tamsin Sterling (Freelance Housing Researcher based in Cardiff) and Stuart Ropke (Chief Executive of Community Housing Cymru). You can find our guests on Twitter here: Steff: https://twitter.com/SteffHEvans Tamsin: https://twitter.com/TamsinStirling1 Stuart: https://twitter.com/stuart_chc And, of course, us: https://twitter.com/HiraethBlog If you're enjoying the Hiraeth pod, please subscribe in your podcast app of choice to receive the next episode automatically.

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