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The crab season is here! If you are a Baltimore resident, you might have enjoyed dozens of our famous blue crabs, perhaps dozens of dozens every year. If you are new to Baltimore, you must have been encouraged to try them. Blue crabs are indeed tasty, but other than their nice savor, what do we know about them? This week on Sci'more podcast, crab biologist Shaun Miller from the Maryland Department of Natural Resources (Twitter: @MarylandDNR) and Maryland fishery scientist Dr. Allison Colden from the Chesapeake Bay Foundation (Twitter: @chesapeakebay) shares with us fun facts about blue crabs, what we can do to preserve them (so that, well, we can enjoy them with our children and grandchildren), and a concerning tale of a lone blue crab recently found in Ireland.


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Useful information: The website of Chesapeake Bay Foundation The website of Maryland Department of Natural Resources


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