Dr. Greg Verdine: Lessons from a Serial Entrepreneur


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Dr. Greg Verdine is an eminent serial entrepreneur and investor in the life sciences industry. He has founded a number of companies and currently serves as President, CEO, and CSO of both Fog Pharma and LifeMine Therapeutics. Greg also worked in the venture capital industry as a Venture Partner with Apple Tree Partners, Third Rock Ventures, WuXi Healthcare Ventures, and Texas Pacific Group. Prior to his career in the biotech industry, Greg had an academic career that spanned 3 decades and he was named the Erving Professor of Chemistry at Harvard University. He has made significant contributions to the study of epigenetics and DNA damage repair and has more recently pioneered a new therapeutic modality termed “stapled peptides” that are poised to expand the space of druggable targets. He received his Ph.D. in Chemistry from Columbia University.

In this episode, we discuss the development of new drug modalities, the transition from academic science to entrepreneurship and investing, and the changing biotechnology landscape.

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