Philip Kantoff: Next Generation Radiopharmaceutical Drug Development


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Dr. Phil Kantoff is the CEO and Co-Founder of Convergent Therapeutics, a clinical-stage pharmaceutical company focused on developing next-generation radiopharmaceutical therapies for prostate and other cancers. The company's proprietary technology involves dual-targeted radionuclide therapy developed by Dr. Neil Bander, Professor of Urologic Oncology at Weill Cornell Medicine.

Prior to founding the company, Dr. Kantoff spent six years as Chairman of the Department of Medicine at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, caring for cancer patients and developing improved cancer testing and cancer therapies. He is the Emeritus Jerome and Nancy Kohlberg Chair in Medicine at Harvard Medical School, and he was the Chief of the Solid Tumor Oncology Division and Director of the Lank Center for Genitourinary Oncology, at Dana Farber Cancer Institute.

In this episode, we discuss Phil’s transition out of academic medicine, the field of radiopharmaceuticals, Convergent’s approach to drug development, and specific business considerations for a unique class of molecules.

Hosted by Joe Varriale.

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