Hospital Podcast with Degs #459


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Lock in with Degs as he takes the lead for the 2nd episode of the new edition of our Hospital Records Podcast!


Mukiyare & Joakuim - Noches de Yambak Whytwo - Memories Mitekiss - Sophie’s Tales (feat. Milo Merah) Elk - Counter Intuition Motiv - Evershifting (feat. Zoe Kypri) Degs - Crusade (feat. In:Most) Makoto - Mystic Crystals (feat. Technimatic) Mitekiss - River So Deep (feat. Milo Merah) North Base x Smooth x Dima Pulsar - Fall Back (feat. MC AD) Hologram - Gucci Bounce Urbandawn - Egregor Grafix - Skyline (feat. Metrik) Sub Focus - Druggy Nectax - Babylon Get Weak (feat. Parly B) Vex - Steppin Up Hologram - Wreck It John Rolodex - Archetypes Visionobi, GLXY & Riya - Paradise Tarz - Not Ready Sl8r - In Ur Arms London Elektricity - Hanging Rock DJ Fresh - Heavyweight Trex - Sleep On It Mitekiss - Mortala (feat. Emiko & Duskee) Logistics - Together Hologram - Forever Young (feat. Degs) Monty & Visages - Vibin’ Xeonz - Talk To Me DEGSCLUSIVE Mountain - I’ll Be Waiting (feat. Ruth Royall) Hugh Hardie - Deckard’s Chords Villem & McLeod - Crossways (feat. Degs) (L-Side Remix) Kings Of The Rollers - Down I Go imo-Lu - Hard Feelings Outlier - Hinterland Unglued - Way Back When (feat. Esther Durin) (Halogenix Remix) Hugh Hardie - Kodiak Whiney - Back In Action (feat. Slay) Annix, K Motionz & Simula - Diagram Filthy Habits - Paramount Monrroe - Warsaw Unglued - Pigeon Funk Unglued - Total XTC (Fixate Remix) Whytwo - Promises

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