23. Best Investor Referral Process


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It is not a good idea to solicit funds from individuals anywhere. The government and regulatory agencies have sanctions for such behavior.

How do you find capital and onboard new investors using soft selling techniques?

I know it takes a lot of time, effort, and money to attract new investors. That's why any shortcut we can take to get what we want is always welcome.

Getting referrals is the fastest way to reach our goal. There aren't just any referrals here, but warm ones as well.

The challenge lies in getting yourself cordially introduced, easing your way into a natural conversation, and without putting unnecessary pressure on your referral.

But nothing to worry about, this is where my tips in this episode come in handy. Before you know it, you are already getting things started.


  • Find a shortcut to getting investors by piggybacking other people's relationships with their network.
  • Know when and how to get referrals so you get every opportunity for new investors without investing much more time, effort, and money.
  • Discover how you can perfectly articulate the words to say when asking for and getting a warm introduction to referrals.


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