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HO HO HO! WELCOME INTO THE HYPERTIME! We can't pass up a holiday episode on our first year now, can we? So pull up a chair, light a fire, drink some cocoa, and put on this podcast.

In this audio-troubled bonus episode, Allan and Josh go through some holiday-themed DC stories. No special notes! Just us riffing on ten stories we enjoy that bring the holiday spirit. Plus, one book that Allan recommends that's NOT DC-Centric.

We hope you all stay safe and take care. Happy holidays!
Stories discussed:

  • DC Rebirth: Holiday Special #1
    • The Last Minute - Tim Seeley, Ian Churchill, and Alex Sollazzo
    • For the Dog Who Has Everything - Eric Esquivel, Dan Jurgens, Norm Rapmund, and Hi-Fi Design
    • The Night We Saved Christmas - Heath Corson, Gustavo Duarte, and Marcelo Maiolo
    • Dreaming of a White Christmas - Mariko Tamaki, Matias Bergara, and J. Nanjan
    • A Flash Christmas Carol - James Tynion IV, Robbi Rodriguez, and Alejandro Sanchez
  • Adventures of Superman #520 - Christmas Thieves - Karl Kesel, Stuart Immonen, Jose Marzan, Jr., and Glenn Whitmore
  • Superman #64 - Metropolis Mailbag - Dan Jurgens, Jackson Guice, and Glenn Whitmore
  • Detective Comics #826 - Slayride - Paul Dini, Don Kramer, Wayne Faucher, and John Kalisz
  • JLA #60 - Merry Christmas, Justice League - - Now Die! - Mark Waid, Cliff Rathburn, Paul Neary, and David Baron
  • DCU Holiday Bash III - No, Bart, There Is No Santa Claus - Mark Waid, Devin Grayson, Craig Rousseau, Mike Sellers, and Jason Scott Jones
  • Klaus - Grant Morrison, Dan Mora

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