Embracing Digital Technology for Better Healthcare with Mary Lou Jepsen


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The healthcare industry is moving towards a digital revolution. With the help of digital technology, healthcare providers can now provide better and more efficient services to their patients. Digital technology has also proven to have a positive impact on patient outcomes, as well as the cost of care.

Companies such as Openwater, which focuses on creating the future of medical imaging, have been able to deliver life-saving technologies. Through the use of low-intensity ultrasound, Openwater has been able to treat diseases such as glioblastoma, depression, neurodegenerative diseases, and stroke.

In this episode, Mary Lou Jepsen, the CEO and Founder of Openwater shares how Openwater started and what it deals with. Mary Jepsen also shares how her company has transformed healthcare through digital technology. Moreover, she discusses the operating and hiring principles of the company.

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Key Highlights

[01:44] Meet our guest; Meet our guest; Mary Lou Jepsen, and hear her backstory

[03:32] The contrast between Pharmaceutical Companies and companies such as Google & Facebook

[05:18] How we can apply physics to create interference ability and be able to see into our bodies using camera chips used in smartphones instead of using huge and expensive MRI scanners

[07:32] Why the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) initiative didn’t work

[09:35] How she co-created the world’s first holographic video system from an idea that seemed impossible

[12:07] Physicists’ predominant culture of looking for all the ways that they might be wrong and learning from that vs. Biologists’ culture of looking for any proof that they are right

[17:05] Technology that uses low-intensity ultrasound on human brain organoids in glioblastoma cancer treatment which is better than chemotherapy

[18:24] How did Openwater start, and what does the company deal with?

[20:17] The use of technology to enable rapid identification of the large vessel occlusions to decrease the time to intervention in stroke victims

[26:56] Severe depression treatment using a headset capable of focusing low-frequency ultrasound on the nerve cells in the brain, which is more effective than transcranial magnetic stimulation

[31:42] The side effect of psychedelics in depression treatment

[37:00] Comparison between cost change in the consumer electronics industry and the healthcare industry

[40:21] The operating and hiring principles of the Openwater company

[49:00] How to link with Mary Lou Jepsen

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