The Industrial Revolution of Drug Discovery with Dr. Michael Secora


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Welcome to another incredible episode of the IDEA Collider series with your host Mike Rea. Today the Chief Financial Officer at Recursion, Dr. Michael Secora, joins us on the show as we discuss the industrial revolution of drug discovery. Michael is a scientist and a former equity investor.

In the episode, Michael delves into the reasons behind the incredibly fast growth at Recursion, the company’s mission of decoding biology to radically improve lives, the relatability of data, and how Recursion builds its various data sets for drug discovery. Moreover, he expounds on how Recursion stands out against its competitors in the tech industry, the unique demographics of the Recursion team, and what differentiates Recursion from other AI discovery companies.

Tune in!

During this episode, you will learn about;

[00:23] Introducing today’s episode

[01:29] About Michael Secora and Recursion as it is today

[04:58] Recursion’s Mission on decoding biology to improve lives radically

[08:48] Biotechnology versus BioPharma Companies

[15:00] Relatability of Data

[17:10] Recursion’s data sets & their contents

[22:13] How many terabytes of data are they in executing each experiment

[24:15] How Recursion stands out against competitors in the Tech environment

[26:23] Michael’s approach to humility in the pharmaceutical industry

[28:28] Demographics of the Recursion team

[31:20] Recursion’s Hack Week

[34:51] The difference between AI discovery companies & Recursion

[40:11] A hint of Recursion incredible speed in delivering value proposition

[47:47] Michael’s Book Recommendations

[50:16] How to connect with Michael & Recursion`

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