Ep. 107 - Precedential Decisions from 5/9/2022 - 5/15/2022 (particularly serious crimes: mental health & exhaustion; asylum: gangs & Mayan race; CIMT: money laundering & intent; VAWA motion to reopen; right to counsel in reasonable fear proceedings)


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Matter of B-Z-R-, 28 I&N Dec. 563 (A.G. 2022)

  • mental health; Matter of G-G-S-; particularly serious crime

Kithongo v. Garland, No. 21-2662 (7th Cir. May 9, 2022)

  • particularly serious crime; conspiracy to commit robbery; violent crimes; Matter of N-A-M-; jurisdiction; exhaustion; case processing rule; actually argued

Tojin-Tiu v. Garland, No. 21-2269 (8th Cir. May 12, 2022)

  • family-based particular social group; fear of gangs; persecution Guatemala

Jang v. Garland, No. 19-4289 (2d Cir. May 9, 2022)

  • CIMT; attempted second-degree money laundering; N.Y. Penal L. § 470.15(1)(b)(ii)(A); Matter of Tejwani; intent to defraud; knowing mens rea

Pena-Lopez v. Garland, No. 20-60911 (5th Cir. May 12, 2022)

  • mixed question of law and fact; jurisdiction; VAWA motion to reopen; VAWA cancellation of removal; extraordinary circumstances or extreme hardship to the noncitizen’s child; Guerrero-Lasprilla; INA § 242(a)(2)(D)

Priva v. U.S. Att'y Gen., No. 20-12521 (11th Cir. May 12, 2022)

  • reasonable fear proceedings; right to counsel; due process; substantial prejudice; Nasrallah factual findings; Haiti

Lopez Morales v. U.S. Att'y Gen., No. 20-14054 (11th Cir. May 11, 2022)

  • exhaustion; asylum; reasoned consideration; Mayan race; Mam; Guatemala

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