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Freedom Week, a Pingdemic Party, or just a temporary holiday from restrictions that will inevitably come back in autumn? Does the Government really know what it’s doing on unlocking? Plus, who did Dominic Cummings’s latest drive-by really damage: Boris Johnson or Cummings himself? And as the rise of NEDs or Non-Executive Directors is made public by the unfortunate Gina Coladangelo, do they really add value to Government, or just more cronyism?

  • “People watching Cummings just think, We elected the Prime Minister, not you, mate.” – Jill Rutter
  • “Being cautious at the same time as celebrating Freedom Day just doesn’t stack up.” – Alex Thomas
  • “There's a huge difference between what you're advised to do, and what you're required to do.” – Jill Rutter

Presented by Bronwen Maddox with Jill Rutter, Alex Thomas. Matthew Gill and Tom Sasse. Audio production by Alex Rees. Inside Briefing is a Podmasters Production for the IfG.


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