Getting cities to net zero


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Hitting the UK’s net zero target depends on the transformation of the UK’s cities. Many had already declared climate emergencies and set ambitious emissions targets before the pandemic, while big changes in the last 18 months – less commuting, more walking and cycling – have had big implications for urban areas. But to help people permanently shift to low-carbon lifestyles requires local leaders to develop long-term approaches to infrastructure, taxes and regulations. What needs to be done to ensure long-term transformation? Which pandemic-enforced changes should remain in place? How can cities and central government work together to make progress towards net zero? On our panel to discuss these questions: Baroness Blake of Leeds, Shadow Spokesperson for Housing, Communities and Local Government and former Leader of Leeds City Council Professor Hayley Fowler, Professor of Climate Change Impacts in the School of Engineering at Newcastle University Christopher Hammond, Network Membership Director, UK100 Steve Turner, Director, Devolved and Local Government at Connected Places Catapult The event was chaired by Tom Sasse, Associate Director at the Institute for Government, with opening remarks by Giles Clifford, Partner at Gowling WLG. We would like to thank Gowling WLG for supporting this event.

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