What can we learn from the use of data during the pandemic?


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The coronavirus crisis has brought data into government decision making like never before. From the contact tracing app to the A Level algorithm fiasco it has brought the use of personal data to the fore. Central and local government are investing in data platforms and automated decision making and artificial intelligence systems – and increasingly wondering how data from the private and charitable sectors can help. What does all this mean for how government operates? How can the better use of data help with the post-Covid economic recovery and what are the benefits and risks of governments, companies and charities with more data at their fingertips? This event was part of the IfG's fringe events programme at the 2021 Labour Party Conference in Brighton. Speakers: Darren Jones MP, Chair of the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee Richard Earley, UK Public Policy Manager at Facebook Genevieve Maitland Hudson, Deputy Chief Executive Officer at Social Investment Business Olivier Thereaux, Head of Research and Development at the Open Data Institute This event was chaired by Gavin Freeguard, Associate of the Institute for Government. Kindly supported by Facebook.

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