episode 89 Being Magic


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Internationally acclaimed master intuitive Cathleen Miller shares expert insights and tips for you to be more inspired into your own business + wellness Intuitive Lifestyle Success.
October 2022 podcast theme is all about magic and how developing your awareness around your own unique magical gift alongside your own body mind connection can generate more possibilities to improve your finances, wellness, business, or any area of life you are seeking to transform. Today's episode explores tips to be more aware of your own willingness to be magical and all the ways that can show up.
*Always seek medical approval before making any health or lifestyle changes this podcast is in no way a substitute or advisement for medical or licensed care of any kind.
Submit your personal questions to be answered live on upcoming episode @ vibe@intuitivelifestylesuccess.com Or visit www.intuitivelifestylesuccess.com for more resources to support your own personal intuitive lifestyle success. All content copyrighted Cathleen Miller HolisticMediumTM Intuitive Lifestyle SuccessTM 2022

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