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▫ How do business owners create a strong lasting foundation for their business? ▫ What are common obstacles that business owners face and how do you overcome them? ▫ What do the wealthy do to protect and grow their companies? ▫ What strategies can you use to multiply your business wealth using the income that you already generate? Invest in Sqft hosted by Matt Shields, a 25-year-long entrepreneur who has accumulated 60 million in real-estate assets, is your go-to resource for creating a stable profitable business so that you can passively invest your profits into large multifamily opportunities. As an entrepreneur, you face challenges that the wealthy have already solved. Each week we interview successful entrepreneurs who share their own experiences and insight to help your business overcome obstacles and build a strong foundation for your company. With practical advice and a focus on actionable steps, the Invest in Sqft podcast is the perfect resource for you if you are looking to improve your business and build wealth through passive multifamily investments.

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