Is Your Home Still Covered? A Quick Conversation on Liability, Property & Casualty, and Umbrella Coverage


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Like many episodes of Gimme Some Truth, this one on liability was developed from lots of advanced legwork, methodically sculpted until it reached its culmination at the time of recording. Well, that's not quite true. Clint Walkner – one of the founding partners of Walkner Condon – shared a personal anecdote about his own liability coverage a few minutes before the scheduled recording, and it snowballed from there. But, nonetheless, it's an important subject, with an actionable ending for you, the listener, from Clint.

So, what would happen if your home burned down tomorrow? If you're a household employer, what if your nanny took a tumble down the stairs of your deck and broke their leg? While these are just hypothetical, there is a chance that these situations – or a version of them – could happen. And the last thing you want is to be left holding the proverbial bag when your coverage isn't sufficient. And in light of recent events – in particular, the increase in home values as well as home renovations during COVID – there's a chance the coverage you started with might not be enough.

What's next? Give this episode a listen for your call to action from Clint, and then let us know if you completed the homework assignment.

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