Anthologizing Anthologies


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On this episode, Antariksh is joined by fellow IVM staffers Jalasmi and Deep, to talk about the best anthology movies that they have seen. They talk about what makes a good anthology film, what recent movies they've seen in the sub-genre, and belt out multiple tunes from multiple of these films. They talk Pulp Fiction, Ajeeb Dastaans, Lust Stories, Ludo, I'm Not There, Darna Mana Hai, Yuva, and tons more. Tune in for a very fun episode.
Also, as usual, some great recommendations in the first half where Deep and Antariksh recommended two YouTube channels - 'Dorkly' and 'Buzzfeed Unsolved Network', respectively, and Jalasmi recommends 'The Swaddle', a unique news outlet.
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