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Hangout spaces in TV shows have a certain place in our hearts because of the fondness we have of the shows they feature in. Who can forget Central Perk from FRIENDS? Or the Cheers Bar from Cheers? Or even Maclaren's Pub from How I Met Your Mother? Or the basement from That 70's Show? Tune in to this episode to catch IVM staffers Antariksh and Jalasmi and IVM founder Amit Doshi talk about their favourite hangout places in TV shows (and also in some movies). Tune in for a very fun discussion. What are some of your favourite hangout spots? Let us know.
Also, don't miss some awesome recommendations in the first half where Jalasmi recommends two Instagram handles - Daily Overview and The Music Project; Amit recommends the book 'Nine Nasty Words' by John McWhorter, and Antariksh recommends the YouTube channel 'Past to Future'.

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