Ep. 200: Those Who Make Us Laugh


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That sounds crazy to even say! We IVM staffers managed to keep this show going for 200 episodes. Thanks to you all for tuning in, we literally couldn't have done it without y'all. Much love!
Over the years, we've talked a ton about comedy and standup on this show.
This week, Antariksh gets Jalasmi and Sumit on the show to talk about their absolute favourite comedians - standup and online content both.
They talk about Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle, Bo Burnham, Johnny Lever, Kanan Gill, Abhishek Upmanyu, and the list goes on! They talk about what they like about these comics, and Antariksh sheds some light on why standup is a live medium that needs to be enjoyed live if possible.
Plus, some Kick-A recommendations in the second half, where Jalasmi recommends two songs 'Khali Khali' by Sejal Kumar and 'Tu Kabhi Kabhi' by Amit Trivedi and Jonita Gandhi.

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