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On this episode of IVM Likes hosted by Spoorthi Thej, she is joined by fellow producers Antariksh and Sumit, to talk about social media and influencers. They talk about their favourite social media platforms, how long they've been using these platforms for, the influencers they follow, and tons more. They talk about dance influencers, comedy influencers, travel influencers, and more. Some of their favourites include Kelli Erdmann, Jodi Anoorabh, Lilly Singh, Dolly Singh, Tanmay Bhat, Melvin Louis, King Bach, and more.

Also, some great recommendations in the 2nd half where Antariksh recommends an Instagram page - TheDarkSideOfNature, Sumit recommends the Netflix series 'Ray', and Spoorthi recommends the book 'The Secret'.

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