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On this episode, Antariksh is joined by returning producer Abhineet Mandal, and newbie Vagdha Rao, to talk about horror films from Bollywood and Hollywood that they like, what makes a good scary movie and what makes a bad one, why Bollywood has never really remade a Hollywood horror film (despite constantly having stolen movie ideas from other countries before), CGI in Hindi films, and then also talk about some epic horror films like Tumbbad, Stree, The Conjuring, Insidious, and more.

Also, don't miss the awesome recommendation round where Vagdha recommends the Malayalam feature film called 'Hope', Abhineet recommends the YouTube series 'Ghost Stories' on Hoezaay's YT channel, and Antariksh talks about the passing of the great standup comic Norm Macdonald, and recommends the YT channel 'I'm Not Norm' to get the uninitiated started on the genius that was Norm Macdonald.

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