S1 E10 - David Meier | Design IS Business


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In this episode, Sam and Vinita are talking to David Meier. Their conversation dives into how design IS Business and why understanding your subject matter inside out is the first step to getting a seat at the leadership table. David’s career foundations were established through graphic design and digital advertising. It wasn’t until working within the startup space when David got a deep understanding of the fundamentals of UX. In the last four years David has transitioned into design leadership positions at Real estate giant, Domain. And later at Fintech disrupters, Zip and now Finder. David is a passionate and experienced design leader focussed on finding the sweet spot between delivering strong business outcomes, while nailing the user needs. We dive into the following themes: How knowing your subject matter inside out is vital. Inheriting an always learning approach, with the d.MBA program helping him land this latest role. How leaning on your designer network is a great way to unblock your workflow. If you want to learn more about IxDA Sydney's events and mentorship programs, please visit: www.ixdasydney.org/mentoring

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