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In this Bonus Episode you will meet an eclectic mix of guests.

Jack ventures into the world of endurance racing when he visits with Dane Cameron, driver of the DPI Acura from Meyer Shank Racing. Dane will give you a look into the Weather Tech IMSA world and shares why compromise is the foundation to success.

Streaming video has been on the rise and in the world of racing, the streaming service Flo Racing has provided a valuable asset to the world of short track racing. Michael Rigsby Flo Racing’s chief talks with Jack and he will tell you why and how Flo has grown to become an industry leader.

Patrick Patton saw a need and he has filled it. Patton is the owner of a collectible website, RACER COLLECT. It’s an internet storefront where drivers and teams post both conventional and unconventional memorabilia. Jack vistits with Patrick along with IndyCar driver James Hinchcliffe about RACER COLLECT and you’ll learn how it connects you with your favorite driver.

And finally, Jack talks to the man behind the Hendrick #5 Camaro on the NASCAR Cup circuit, Cliff Daniels. You’ll learn how Cliff took Mr. H’s newest driver, Kyle Larson and guided him to NASCAR’s regular season Cup title, 8 wins and a spot in the Championship race at Phoenix.

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