New Horror Movies Ep. 006: The Jersey Shore Ladies Call Him ‘Back-Door Becker’


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In Episode 006 of Jay of the Dead’s New Horror Movies, we bring you several BONUS additions. For instance, we got a listener question from Norway regarding which American Horror Movies reflected fears of the Cold War and Nuclear Age. We also welcome two special guests, Ron Martin from The Resurrection of Zombie 7 horror podcast and Projectile Varmint from Horror Movie Weekly. In this episode, we also welcome our seventh Horror Avenger, Mackula, whose Special Segment is Horror in Black and White by Mackula! So, you will hear from Jay of the Dead, Dave “Dr. Shock” Becker, The Gillman Joel Robertson, Mister Watson, Dr. Walking Dead Kyle Bishop, GregaMortis, and Mackula — as well as Ron Martin and Projectile Varmint! We bring you new-release Feature Reviews of Fresh (2022), Those Who Walk Away (2022), All the Moons (2022), Shut In (2022), A Banquet (2022), Huda’s Salon (2022) and more!

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