New Horror Movies Ep. 008: The Uppigus - An Audio Podcast Tribute to Found Footage Horror


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In 2015, Jay of the Dead produced an “on the road” podcast episode called “The I-80 Tapes.” The primary focus of those live recordings was Jay traveling westward across the country, along Interstate 80, and stopping at gas stations and truck stops to record his DVD findings at the $5 bargain movie bins! But for that episode, Jay had planned another facet to those recordings, but he “chickened out” because he didn’t feel he could pull it off well enough… Seven years later, Jay of the Dead returns in Episode 008 of Jay of the Dead’s New Horror Movies where he endeavors to deliver a heavily, “execution-dependent” podcast episode that we hope will be entertaining and unforgettable!

Not to worry, though… Even if all that ambition fails, Episode 008 still brings you your seven favorite Horror hosts — Dr. Shock, Gillman Joel, Mister Watson, Dr. Walking Dead, GregaMortis, Count Mackula, and of course, Jay of the Dead. During this show, we’ll bring you new Horror movie reviews of Morbius (2022), The Nameless Days (2022), The Seed (2022), You Won’t Be Alone (2022), and a Thriller called Barbarians (2022). Join our cohosts for some entertaining reviews, and tag along with Jay and his “Necro-MOM-icon” as they travel to Las Vegas and hunt for $5 movie bargain bins!

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Note: This episode was recorded in April 2022, and it was released on April 29, 2022 — the 10-year-anniversary of the launch of Jay of the Dead’s second Horror podcast, “Horror Metropolis.”

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