Friday, July 2, 2021


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A fine Friday crossword that is definitely 10D, Out of the ordinary, REALLYSOMETHING, with lots of places where one might 27D, Crack under pressure, CHOKE, albeit less likely if one had a 26A, What a fitness coach likely leads, ACTIVELIFESTYLE. There were some interesting longer answers, including 17A, Cut-and-paste tool for language learners, GOOGLETRANSLATE, and 52A, Like some headphones, NOISECANCELLING. Both Jean and Mike (solving independently, as always) ran into slight headwinds at the corner of 32A, One-named rapper with the 2019 video, "Can't Explain it", CHIKA, and 23D, Daughter of Styx, NIKE (and the subject of today's Fun Fact Friday segment).

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