Wednesday, June 16, 2021


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There was a lot of misdirection in today's crossword, but that's by design, because the theme was, in fact, a series of movies in which the directions were flipped - 19A, Jim Sheridan gives Daniel Day Lewis nothing to work with in this Irish dramedy (1989), MYRIGHTFOOT, 25A, Rian Johnson helms this snoozer of a whodunit starring Daniel Craig (2019), KNIVESIN, etc. There were some nice clues -- 1D, Item needed for burning, once, BLANKCD, being the standout. and 53D, Monk known as the "Father of English History", STBEDE, not, as Mike originally postulated, THELONIOUS. We give this a 4.5 squares on the JAMCR scale, deducting points for unnecessary naticking (21A x 2D and 10D x 23A), and questionable use of an abbreviation in 63A, Nonkosher sandwich, BLT.

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