Wednesday, June 9, 2021


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You might want to be sitting down for this podcast ... but if you're not, fear not, because the crossword theme is, basically, things that you can sit upon, (BACKSEATDRIVER, COUCHPOTATO, etc.). There were not a lot of verbal fireworks in today's grid, although it did have 24A, Glistens with shimmering colors, IRIDESCES (from a Greek word meaning you'll never be able to spell this); 21D, De-tailed detail?, SPEC, deserves mention, and the crossing of 27D, Nobel prize winner of 1903 and 1911, CURIE, with 46A, Best Comeback Athlete, for one, ESPYAWARD was also intriguing.
There was also some Millenial-ese, 54D, "I'm just like that" in modern lingo -- check out this Inc article for more examples.

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