Environmental Professionals: Episode 28 with Kit Prendergast (Native Bees/Pollinators of Australia)


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Happy to introduce episode 28 of Environmental Professionals.

This episode is about pollinators in Australia.

Kit Prendergast is a native bee scientist and conservation biologist, dedicated to promoting

evidence-based actions to preserve indigenous native bees. She earned a Forrest Scholarship for her Ph.D. research documenting native bee biodiversity in the southwest Western Australian biodiversity hotspot. She created a Facebook group 'Bees in the burbs; which now has almost over 9K members, and has conducted citizen science projects to engage the community to care about native bees and ensure that there are thriving bee communities. Kit was awarded the Flow Hive Pollinator Support Program, Graduate Women WA Mary Walters Bursary, Australian Wildlife Society University Student Grants Scheme and the Ecological Society of Australia’s Outstanding Outreach Prize, and was a FameLab Australia finalist. She’s been invited to speak at community events and has published numerous academic articles. Kit has also written the popular book & Creating a Haven for Native Bees. When she is not out among the bees and flowers she is spending time with her dog, bunny and birds, or tumbling about doing acrobatics as a circus performer.

To contact the Bee Babette, including to read her publications or participate in her bee hotels and bushfire project, her email is: kitprendergast21@gmail.com

Twitter: @BeeBabette

Facebook group: Bees in the burbs

Facebook page: Creating a Haven for Native Bees

Facebook page: Abuzz About Dawson's Burrowing Bee

Redbubble store: https://www.redbubble.com/people/beebabette/shop

insta: @kit.prendergast

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