Letter to Stakeholders, August 2022


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Hello Everyone and welcome to another great episode of the JOY of Financial Planning podcast.

The topics of this podcast are a compliment to the book JOY of Financial Planning, available at Amazon.com

JOY of Financial Planning is about the belief that we can overcome the unique economic, and life challenges we face as a generation. We believe we can do this by first getting our economic house in order. In fact, we have, no other choice. We must grow our wealth, follow our passions, and live with compassion to find creative ways to achieve our own version of the American Dream.

This episode and others in this series, is a transcription of this month’s Letter to Stakeholders I write for the wealth management clients of Jason Howell Company and our broader community network. Go to JasonHowell.com/blog for additional insights, episode links or just to contact us.

In this episode I mention the best way to deal with market volatility, whether we truly are in a recession and why you shouldn't care. Or at least why Jason Howell Company wealth advisory don't need to care.

Please send your feedback to Jason@JasonHowell.com and give this episode a rating, especially on Apple Podcasts, if, that’s the kind of thing you do. For more about my unique brand of family wealth management, just go to JasonHowell.com


Stakeholder Spotlight (Arlene Butler): https://vocal.media/motivation/what-can-you-do-with-40-000-origami-cranes

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