A Robot Named Jello: Discussing Zeke Yoder vs the Singularity


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This week, the MennoBrarians discuss Zeke Yoder vs. the Singularity by Stephen Beachy, a 2017 Amish cyberpunk novel. Tim Nafziger, Abby’s brother, fills in for Erin and we chat about cyberpunk, radical Anabaptism, the singularity and more.

Content note: This book contained references and depictions of suicide. While we don’t discuss that theme in depth, there are references to suicide during this episode. If that theme is triggering to you, we recommend skipping over minutes 29 - 32 of this episode

Links to things mentioned in the episode:

Tim Nafziger's blog: https://young.anabaptistradicals.org/
Stephen Beachy’s website: http://www.livingjelly.com/

Stephen Beachy’s boneyard: https://www.versechorus.com/boneyard

Daniel Shenk Cruz’s website: https://danielshankcruz.com/

Book: Queering Mennonite Literature: https://www.psupress.org/books/titles/978-0-271-08245-5.html

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