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book summary and review of the priests of ancient Egypt by serge Sauneron. Magazines and periodicals have the February 2008 issue of national geographic with the black pharaohs, conquerors of ancient Egypt by Robert draper, research on the web has baking ancient Egyptian bread, geography of the durum wheat crop, and bread made using 4,500-year-old Egyptian yeast , electronic document library provides some remarks on the epagomenal days in ancient Egypt by Anthony Spalinger, investigation of ancient Egyptian baking and brewing methods by correlative microscopy by Delwen Samuel, scribal training in ancient Egypt by Ronald J. Williams, and an ancient analogy : pot baked bread in ancient Egypt, and Mesopotamia M. Chazan and M. Lehner.

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Books and Periodicals


Spalinger, A. (1995). Some remarks on the epagomenal days in ancient Egypt. Journal of Near Eastern Studies, 54(1), 33–47.

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