Proactive Theft Protection with Damon Kirchmeier of Blue Eye Defense


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Damon Kirchmeier is the CEO of Blue Eye Defense, an AI software security company highly trained in video surveillance. He joined Blue Eye in 2015 after investing in the company and has been leading the team ever since. Before joining Blue Eye, Damon was the Director of EPIC Venture Fund, Partner at Auxano Funding, and President at Rockwell Time USA. He also co-founded InnoVentures Capital and went on to raise and invest two funds into more than 100 companies including Entrata, Jive Communications, and CarbonX.

Damon holds a degree in mechanical engineering from Oregon State University and an MBA from the University of Utah. He’s also a graduate of the Naval Nuclear Power School, holds silver and bronze medals from the Masters World Championships of mountain biking, and is the past Honorary Commander of the 421st fighter squadron.

In this episode…

Where can your business turn for security when a traditional guard is not the right fit? How can you find a budget-friendly solution without sacrificing quality?

Damon Kirchmeier, CEO of Blue Eye Defense, believes in proactive prevention. Through smart camera technology, he is changing the cyber security space to provide better protection and access to authorities without draining your budget. So, what are the steps you can take to secure your business and deter crimes from happening behind your doors?

In this episode of the Key Insights Show, Scott Johnson talks with Damon Kirchmeier, CEO of Blue Eye Defense, about the progressive technology in the AI security surveillance workspace. Damon discusses the artificial intelligence algorithm that responds to security threats, innovative strategies to connect and grow in the community, and how to leverage technology with a price point that works.

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