Keys to the City Radio #012


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Fresh and Vintage - Global and Local.
Music and Commentary focusing on the best in independent and underground HipHop/Jazz/R'n'B/Beats/Soul/Funk/House and all else.

Broadcasting out of Melbourne, Australia.
Lyric Jones & Vic Mensa - Show You How
Brittany Howard & EARTHGANG - Goat Head (EARTHGANG Remix)
Anderson.Paak - Jewelz
Sampha The Great - Freedom
Bryson Tiller - Inhale
Aaron Taylor - The Ritual
Horatio Luna - Peruvian
Chris Keys, Quelle Chris - Living Happy
30/70, Maxwell Owin - Tempted (Maxwell Owin Remix)
Byron The Aquarius - Edgewood Ave
Nayana Iz - Walking
Tom Mirsch, Yussef Dayes - Can You Feel It
Underground Canopy - Tony Sendo
Kan Sano - Think Twice
Napolean Demps - Norma Jean
Jarrod Lawson - Be The Change
_BY .ALEXANDER - The Absence
_BY .ALEXANDER & Rainsford - My Margaret
Planet Giza, JMF - Hands On
IVUSM - August 20
IVUSM - May 19
Twilight - Play My Game
Werkha - Favourite Corner
Kelvin Momo - Piano Blues
Butcher Brown - Tidal Wave
Secret Night Gang - The Sun

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