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Killa-A, (born Angel Rocha, in San Jose California December 24th, 1985) is an American rapper,singer and producer.Killa A is best known as an MC in the West Coast Bay Area Rap scene. His childhood friend nicknamed him "Killa A" because of his attitude and no rule lifestyle. he signed with SGR RECORDS USA owned and opperated by Ceo Yuyo MC and became officially a song writer / music composer affilliated with Broadcast Music inc / BMI. Killa A began freestyling in the west side of San Jose's Urban area . He was writing songs by age twelve and entering MC battles and doing live performances by fifteen. He credits these experiences with hepling him be comfortable performing in front of people. Killa A was back and forth from The Bay Are and Central Valley in California. Killa A thus followed up on a two song demo self tittled "Shark Side" and "Colla Poppin" produced by Neto and Jr of Inferno Records, wich was heard by Yuyo MC founder and CEO of Synthetek Groove Records and got signed to the lable. Killa A has collaborated with artists thruout California from The Bay to Central Valley with artists like Chunk "Menace to the Game"Mr. Menti ,DZ , Slick from on my way and others . 2012 New start begans with xclusive downloads and new music Video's working on the all new KillaFornia Album featuring artists and Production by Yuyo MC , Doblecero & Killa A.

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