Podcast 10 – The Duchess of Cambridge chats with Atlantic rower Jasmine Harrison.


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The Duchess of Cambridge video called to congratulate Yorkshire woman Jasmine Harrison on becoming the youngest woman to solo row the Atlantic. 21 year-old Jasmine completed the record-breaking 3,000-mile row on February 20th, raising money for the charities ShelterBox and the Blue Marine Foundation.

On the video call with Kate that was released to coincide with International Women’s Day, Jasmine expressed hope that her efforts would shift perceptions, especially male perceptions, about what women are capable of. Jasmine said that she would rather change the perception of a 50-year-old man regarding what women can do, saying this would mean more to her in some ways then telling a woman you can also do what I did. Women, she said, already know what they are capable of.

Jasmine started training in January 2020 in the gym and started her boat training in July of 2020. She had to row 120 hours minimum on the water before she was able to set off.

Kate told Jasmine it was hard to imagine being alone at sea for 70 days asking Jasmine how she found it in terms of her mental health. Jasmine said she enjoyed the peace of the ocean and said everyday was different. She got to see so many impressive things likes sunsets and the stars and the wildlife and it was hard to take it all in. She added you get to appreciate the world we live in in a way you can't when life is busy. Jasmine said the time on the water couldn’t last long enough for her.

Kate congratulated Harrison, gave her a huge well-done, and hoped they would one day be able to meet in person.

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