Podcast 11 - Kate and William Welcome UK kids back to school after their 3rd lockdown


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William and Kate joined all parents of young children around England in breathing a sigh of relief as their youngsters returned to school. Free from their home-schooling duties, Kate and William stepped out on a rare in person appointment, visiting children and their teachers at School 21 in Stratford, London.

School 21 teaches children between the ages of 4 and 18 with children coming from diverse backgrounds. The school was set up in 2012 and is located in an area which was once seen as a deprived part of East London. The school aims to educate children in a broader sense, teaching them the importance of their voices, and teaching them it is better to aim high and miss the mark, as opposed to aiming low and reaching your goals.

Kate looked very much at ease as she interacted with the with the primary school aged children at the school, watching the children get back to socialising with their friends and enjoying some outdoor playtime.

Newly launched today to coincide with William and Kate’s visit, is an expansion to the Mentally Healthy Schools resource. Three years ago, Kate helped launch the resource which then focused on children of primary school age, with the aim of putting mental health at the heart of the school curriculum. Since its launch, the resource has been accessed over a million times.

Mentally Healthy Schools is a free website offering school staff information, advice and practical resources to better understand and promote pupils’ mental health and wellbeing. From today secondary schools and colleges across the UK can also access the resources.

William and Kate posted a message on their Instagram account acknowledging that for teachers and pupils, the return to school won’t be easy for everyone. That coming out of lockdown can be just as much of a struggle as being in lockdown.

It was good to see Kate and William in an environment other than their living room looking at their computers . I am sure they enjoyed a blast of Spring fresh air.

Please keep listening out for future podcasts about the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

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