Podcast 16 – Duchess Kate’s Hold Still project has been turned into a book.


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The Hold Still project was launched by the Duchess of Cambridge in her role as Patron of the UK National Portrait Gallery. It saw people of all ages from all over Britain submitting photographs about the effect of the pandemic on their lives. Kate felt this was a good way for everyone to share their stories and experiences of lock-down.

Photos were sent into the National Portrait Gallery over a six-week period during May and June 2020 .

Kate was thrilled that over 31,000 submissions were sent in from photographers ranging is age from 4 to 75. A panel of judges which included Kate, chose the top 100 entries. These 100 photographs were then digitally exhibited free for everyone to view with the aim of telling a moment in history in the lives of Brits. during the pandemic.

The final 100 portraits were also displayed in towns and cities across the UK during October and November 2020. The photographs were transformed into posters and pasted onto billboards, with many being displayed in the hometowns of the photographers.

Kate, a very keen amateur photographer herself, put a huge amount of effort into promoting the Hold Still project. At the end of her role Kate thanked everyone in the UK for their participation.
Kate expressed one of the benefits of the project was showing the important role the photograph has played in helping to represent the experiences of frontline workers across the nation as they continue to tackle COVID-19.

The National Portrait Gallery has now published the top 100 photos from the Hold Still project and the stories behind those photos in a book. Kate has written the introduction to the book in which she describes why the project was so important to her. Inside the cover of the book is a lovely photo of Kate looking relaxed and holding one of her own cameras.

Proceeds from the book will go to the National Portrait Gallery and to the UK mental health charity MIND, The funds will help to support arts and mental health projects across the UK, including Mind's work in local communities and the National Portrait Gallery's education and community projects.

Well done Kate.

Keep listening out for future podcasts about the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

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