Podcast 2 - Duchess Kate and Prince William check in with Our Frontline UK


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Kate and William were back at work after their Christmas break, checking in by video conference with front line support workers who have accessed services from the UK mental health service organization Our Frontline.

As the name suggests, the Our Frontline organization helps to make sure that frontline workers in the fields of health, care, emergency services, education, and other key front line workers, get the right support for their mental health, both now and in the future.

The accompanying website Mental Health At Work offers lots of resources on all sorts of subjects for both workers and for their employers.

The Our Frontline project was put together by leading mental health organisations in the UK such as the Samaritans, MIND, and Hospice UK. William and Kate support the initiative through their Royal Foundation.

In this meeting, Kate and William met with front line staff who had used the bereavement counselling services that are available through Our Frontline.

Kate and William have made mental health and the availability of mental health services, a corner stone of their Royal Foundation. This meeting was a continuation of their on-going efforts to normalize discussions around mental health and emotional wellbeing

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