Podcast 21 – I am not sure about the latest press interview by Kate’s Uncle Gary?


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Every family has one. Not quite a black sheep but certainly a relative that my dad would say ‘has a lot of character’. In Kate’s case this relative would be her Uncle Gary Goldsmith. Never one to shy away from speaking to the tabloids, Kate’s four times married Uncle Gary attracts controversy.

Uncle Gary’s latest controversy came about due to an interview that he gave to the UK Daily Mail newspaper, ahead of William and Kate’s 10th Wedding Anniversary.

Gary was very supportive of his niece Kate and the success she has made of her role in the Royal Family. Gary admits to being obviously biased in his praise for Kate’s saying of course he is, as he is her uncle. Telling the newspaper, I love her dearly but I genuinely think she is an exceptional person and is doing a brilliant job in the Royal Family. And with that statement we can quite agree.

Uncle Gary likened Kate to Prince Diana, saying “She acts like you would want a Royal to behave. She has that poise of the public servant yet she also has the common touch – or the Diana touch.”

The more controversial part of the interview was when Uncle Gary suggested that both the Queen and then Charles and Camilla should step aside sooner rather than later and let William and Kate take of the role of King and Queen. Uncle Gary said that he was a massive fan of the Queen, but that the Royal Family and the country is in an era of change, and if her Majesty were to step aside, in his opinion William and Kate would give the whole country stability.

Uncle Gary made it clear that he thinks once the Queen’s reign has ended that ‘things need to pass to William and Kate" and bypass Charles and Camilla. Adding that Kate was born ready to be Queen.

Uncle Gary is not the only one in the UK who expressing thoughts of the throne by-passing Prince Charles and going directly to Prince William. Several Royal authors have also talked of how young people see the monarchy as archaic and out of touch, and see the need to have someone younger and more relatable on the throne.
But these sorts of discussions, right now, just weeks after the Queen has buried her husband seem insensitive and in bad taste. And talk of getting the Queen off the throne and by-passing the rightful heir – well that just treasonous talk, isn’t it?

We should be glad for Uncle Gary that freedom of speech is alive and well, and that we are no longer living in the old days when such talk may have got you locked away in the Tower of London. Let me know what you think.

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