Podcast 22 – Kate & William visit the County Durham countryside / 10th Wedding Anniversary pics.


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In the week that Kate & Prince William celebrated their 10th Wedding Anniversary they went out and about on visits in County Durham in the North East of England. They stopped off at the Cheesy Waffles Project, one of the charities that benefitted from donations made in lieu of wedding gifts to Kate and William’s one-million-pound Royal Wedding Charitable Gift Fund.

Kate, who was a keen field hockey player when at school, burst into peels of laughter when she tried to whack a golf ball in front of the expectant crowds (and press photographers and TV cameras) only to miss. She had better luck on her second attempt though.

Kate went on to great the youth and young adults with elbow bumps as she and William joined in with them in making arts and crafts.
Prior to this visit, Kate and William had also stopped off at Manor Farm, a fifth-generation family-run mixed cattle, sheep and arable farm near Darlington, in County Durham.
Kate and William were given a tour of the farm outside and were seen visiting the cattle, calving and lambing sheds with farm owners Clare Wise and Stewart Chapman. Clare and Stewart are parents to three children. The farmers won the Sheep Farmer of the Year award in 2018.

Kate and William were both given tractor driving lessons in separate tractors which they both thoroughly enjoyed, before joining a discussion with local farmers who are supported by The UK National Farmers Union about their experiences of the last year, including the mental health impact of Covid-19 for farmers, and the challenges of balancing home-schooling with farm work.

Kate and William were pictured smiling and giggling throughout their visits and were clearly having fun being outside in the spring fresh air.

Happy 10th (tin) Wedding Anniversary to Kate and William!

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