Podcast 24 – Kate & William funk up their Social Media sites & Start a YouTube Channel & other news.


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Kate and William have made some changes to their Instagram Account and also launched their own YouTube Channel, kicking things off with a short little video showing them at some of their public engagements from 2019 to date, also including a couple of informal moments between them.

The video starts with William telling Kate as they sit in front of a camera "Be careful what you say now, because these guys are filming everything." Later on, Kate can be heard giving William advice on how to pronounce a particular word for his St. Patrick’s day message.

Presumably, Kate and William and their people have decided that YouTube videos are a way to engage with a wider audience. I must admit it is very handy having their videos on one easy access page, although it does promote a wee bit of binge watching.

One of the first things to uploaded to their new YouTube channel is a series of telephone calls that Kate held during 2020 with participants from the Hold Still photographic project. Videos of the phone calls are going to be released over the coming weeks, coinciding with this week’s publication of the book.

Also, this week, on what was International Day of the Midwife, Kate marked the end of the “Nursing Now” campaign.

Nursing Now was a three-year global program starting in 2018 and run in collaboration with the International Council of Nurses and the World Health Organization aiming to raise the status and profile of nursing.

To celebrate the end of the 3-year Nursing Now campaign, Kate, in her role as Royal Patron of Nursing Now, interviewed Ugandan midwife Harriet Nayiga. Kate's interview was included in the May edition of the UK magazine Nursing Times. Kate also chose the design for the cover of the May 2021 edition of the magazine, which features a world globe being held in a pair of hands, reflecting the global nature of the campaign.

  • Harriet told Kate about her enthusiasm and zeal in her work as a midwife in Uganda and about the stressors and challenges, especially during the pandemic.
  • Harriet told Kate all about what it is like for a mother to give birth in Uganda.
  • Kate praised Harriet for her amazing work.

We should all be thanking our health care providers. Certainly, the status of nurses, midwives and all other health care professionals has risen during the pandemic when so many lives have depending on their service
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