Podcast 6 – Prince William chats with the 2020 Winners of the UN Environment Programme Young Champions of the Earth


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In 2017 the United Nations Environment Programme established the Young Champions of the Earth awards, a prize for talented innovators, ages 18 to 30, who have demonstrated outstanding potential to create positive environmental impact. The prize is awarded every year to seven young environmentalists from around the world.

In this podcast I tell you more about the 7 projects for the 2020 winners.

Prince William met with the 2020 winners by video chat, with William asking them why optimism and inspiring people to work together was so important in helping to repair the planet.

Williams expressed feeling really proud for the work the 7 were doing, acknowledging the bumps along the way that the 7 had faced to get their projects off the ground.

William described the7 projects as inspiring, practical, and tangible and thanked the winners for the work they were doing, saying that they were making a real difference.

Keep listening out for future podcasts about the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and you can reach me by email at kindthoughtsforkatemiddleton@gmail.com

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