Podcast 9 – The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge participated in a BBC T.V. show celebrating Commonwealth Week.


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For 2021, Celebrations for Commonwealth Day came to us via a Royal Family TV special called A Celebration for Commonwealth Day. Senior members of the Royal Family including the Queen, the Prince of Wales, the Duchess of Cornwall and the Countess of Wessex took part as did Kate and William.

The Queen kicked off the event with a speech during which she praised the courage, commitment, dedication, and sense of duty shown by front line health care staff during these difficult times.

Later in the event Kate and William are shown, chatting via video call, with three front line care providers from around the Commonwealth.

  1. William and Kate chatted with Mr. Islam in Bangladesh and heard about his Safe Wheel project.
  2. Kate and William spoke with Ms. Lee in Malaysia who has an organization Refuge for the Refugees.
  3. Kate and William talked with Dr. Sifumba of South Africa, a TB and COVID-19 survivor herself, and an advocate about the challenges of providing front-line care and fighting infectious diseases both during the COVID-19 pandemic and prior to Covid.

The UK public and the politicians have been big fans of medical professionals during the pandemic, singing their praises especially to those who helped save the life of UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson when he contracted Covid-19.

Sadly, the UK Government have not put their money where their mouths are. The Government are taking huge flack right now, and can rightly be accused of being ‘tone deaf’ having offered these terrific front-line staff, who have risked their lives to keep everyone safe, and many of whom lost their lives due to Covid-19, a measly 1% pay increase. NHS staff in the UK have described the 1% pay increase as insulting.

Hopefully the UK cabinet members watched the TV show, saw and heard the Royals praising our care-givers hard-work and dedication, and are feeling embarrassed by their actions.

Please keep listening out for future podcasts about the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

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