We’ve Played Pokemon Scarlet/Violet & Marvel’s Midnight Suns - Kinda Funny Games Daily 11.17.22 (Ad-Fre


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Blessing and Greg talk Marvel's Midnight Suns previews, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Reviews, Embracer Group delaying Dead Island 2 and changing Volition, id Software firing back at Mick Gordon, Blizzard and Netease breaking up, and somehow SO much more!

Time Stamps -

00:00:00 - Start

00:02:35 - Housekeeping

  • A new Xcast is up right now featuring an interview with Pentiment lead Josh Sawyer. That’s on youtube.com/KindaFunnyGames.
  • The Roper Report -

00:05:48 - Marvel Midnight Suns Preview Round Up

00:21:05 - Pokemon Scarlet & Violet review round up

00:42:15 - Ad

00:45:31 - Dead Island 2 has been Delayed Again

00:48:21 - Volition is becoming part of Gearbox

00:51:44 - Blizzard Games Are Disappearing From China

00:55:20 - Bethesda responds to Mick Gordon

00:59:06 - Streets of Rage is getting a movie

01:01:30 - We have the name and details on Supermassive’s next Dark Pictures game

01:04:45 - Out today

01:06:19 - You‘re Wrong

Tomorrow’s Hosts: Tim & Bless

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