“Live Adventurously” with Kate and Danielle Nolan


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“When was the last time you did something for the first time? “

I heard those words for the first time in a documentary at the Heartland Film Festival entitled “Live Adventurously” featuring Kate Nolan and her wife Danielle Wolter-Nolan. Together they own and run a company called DNK Presents which takes everyday folks on the adventures of a lifetime. From couples trips to discover the dinosaur tracks in Moab Utah, to an 8 mile trek down into the South rim of the Grand Canyon into the Havasupai Indian Reservation, to a yoga retreat in Guatemala. Kate and Danielle do it all.

Not only do they work for companies and retreats but they have also taken to helping others through their women’s adventure contest. This contest was the basis for the documentary that I stumbled on and cannot forget.

Four women were chosen from a group of nominations for a 4 day backcountry adventure. All of the women have a story and they all finished the weekend much stronger than they started both mentally and physically. This first contest started in 2016 and has now become an annual event. The 2017 adventure is being worked into a feature film and nominations for the 2018 adventure begin on January 1st.

Kate and Danielle share their top thrills, the things they WILL NOT do and adventures yet to be discovered. These two could motivate even this “set in her ways” gal to get off the couch and onto a mountain bike. Well, maybe…

More info: DNKPresents.com LiveAdventurouslyfilm.com

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